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As I Go
By Brett Sheroky, Drew Powell, Kelsi Mayne DOC- Feb 18, 2018
Been 97 minutes and 13 Marlboro reds, since he Said that he’d be home but he ain’t yet
I know what he’s doin and who he’s doing it with, but I won’t know, til he opens that door, what I’ll do next
Maybe I’ll smash his bottle of Pappy Tear down his TV, I ain’t sure
Maybe I’ll wake up the neighbourhood Pull a Carrie Underwood on his Ford Maybe I’ll paint his yard with tire marks
I don’t really know what I’m wanna do-so With my finger up,
I’m gonna make it up
As I go
Bet he’ll swear, she didn’t mean nothin and he won’t do it again, I bet he Cries when he tries to apologize but I, won’t be hearin it
Cause Hell ain’t got no fury, like a woman scorned its true, I’m gunna Light him up, just don’t know what, kind of fire to use
BREAKDOWN/BRDIGE Maybe I’ll post that pic Of his little itty bitty....
With both fingers up
I’m gonna make it up as I go